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Kale Crueg
Age: Hatchling (3 months old, not even a yearling)
Gender: Male
Species: Hybrid; Western Dragon/Celtic Wyrm
Languages: Draconic (Language of the Dragons)


12 inches (30 cm) (size of an average dachshund)
Weight: 11lbs (4.0kg) Since he is still such a young dragon, he is about the weight of a puppy.
Build: Long, muscular body (about 50 inches in length) with a straight back and a drawn up abdomen. He appears sleek and slender.
Skin: White, iridescent scales along his long upper body; earthy brown large triangular scales along the bottom of the neck and belly (hard as rock) with small metallic blue scales fit between the edges of each brown scale.
Hair: Bluish-purple fluffy fur along his head and down the ridge of his spine tapering at 3/4ths toward the tail. Then fanning out at the tip of the tail (think Easter Lung dragon)
Eyes: He has 8 eyes (curtsey of his Wyrm heritage) which run along his head. 2 at the top, 2 on each lower cheek, 2 on the forehead (normal positioning); and two under his chin –they are a mixture of yellow/orange w/o black pupils. (since they have lids, he normally shuts all but the two on his forehead.)
Other traits: Because of the interesting mixture of bloodlines, he has wings that also act as ears on either side of his head. Those wings are so long he tends to trip over them while running & he has a tear in one where an owl tried to fly off with him. His face is more dog-like including a muzzle. Along his muzzle are smaller rectangular scales that mirror his belly scales including the tiny blue scales that edge the brown ones. He also has many rows of sharp teeth (though infantile sharp) Two blunt horns rise above the crown of his head between the start of his fur and his foreclaws are prehensile & human like while his back claws tend to resemble lions feet.
Clothes: As a dragon he does not wear clothing


Bold, curious, mischievous and above all full of energy. This bubbly dragon loves to explore even to the point of getting himself and others in danger. Sometimes he’s naïve (thinking that he can use his ears to hide & no one can see him). But if asked questions about his family he can feel off and tries to change the subject or appear ignorant. When moving, he tends to bounce or run and oftentimes trip over his ears and falls a lot.
Speech patterns: Though he is intelligent, he tends to speak in a high pitched, excited voice that can appear as childish as his age. One of his typical speeches is “Hey guys! Wait up!” When he’s shy or sad he mumbles.


Kale is a curious, explorative hatchling that frequently gets into heaping trouble just exploring a world that is still new to him. He loves his family and will call out when scared (as any little child does) but he doesn’t understand why his dragon neighbors tend to give nasty looks to his mother when they walk into the valley. However, Kale does know that he is different from other dragons & tries his best to appear as dragon as he can. Secretly he holds a shame with being the son of a Celtic Wyrm (a lower, more base subspecies of dragons – so says dragons) that he hides anything that appears unusual (the other 6 eyes in particular). Most of the time, though, he is a very happy-go-lucky dragon who tends to fear nothing (save his father)
Passions: Kale’s real passion is adventuring his new world with his friends. The challenges to sneak out undetected by his parents are sheer thrills. He loves making new friends and tries to instigate adventures out of them.
Fears: His biggest fear is his father, Crum Crueg. Though the Celtic Wyrm appears extremely gentle, he is about the size of a 2-story house (height-wise) and so long that his body wraps twice around his enormous cave only to disappear in a whole somewhere in the mud flooring of their cave. Kale has never seen the full length of his father but feeling the tremors under the cave, he suspects his father is HUGE. Not to mention with his father’s 8 eyes & hundreds of rows of teeth that can crunch through rocks (think of the worms in Dune and Tremors), it is safe to say that Kale doesn’t like upsetting his father. (Though he gets into trouble all the time). Another fear is not fitting in or being liked. He is a very social creature so if someone doesn’t like him, he tends to try to get the person to like him even to the extent of making that person hate him more. Any other fears tend to only show themselves when he’s on an adventure (i.e. the lich dragon he tried to pull a scale from)
Strengths: Tenacity and Charisma. Once Kale puts his mind on something (adventure for example) he is determined to see whatever he does to its eventual fruition. For example, if he wants to catch a fish, he will patiently wade into the water and swim until he’s caught the fish. Also, his innocent and child-like reasoning tends to bring people to him creating a charisma that allows him to make many friends and allies. As a hatchling he relies on the flexibility of his long body to get him in and out of dangerous situations by being able to squeeze his body into tight spaces like a cat or stretch out thing like an earthworm. Finally, his upbeat personality and caring for his friends, provides him a keen motivation to make sure that everyone gets out of danger and no one is left behind.
Weaknesses: Just as his upbeat personality can be a strength, it can also be a weakness. He can be rather annoying as a tag-a-long and stubborn about trying to make a person his friend. Also, his tenacity and curiosity gets him into so much trouble that it’s amazing he hasn’t died yet. With an insatiable appetite for exploration, he does not feel complete until he has searched every nook and cranny of his current adventure. Because of this, Kale doesn’t like to feel small or weak. Which brings his physical weakness; as a hatchling, his scales are not fully hardened and as the size of a small dog, bigger creatures do not always know when he’s underfoot. Since he tends to feel bigger than he is, he often forgets that he can be overlooked. Soft and squishable, he also appears as a delicious snack for predators. His final weakness comes from believing that if he cannot see you than you cannot see him. For instance, he will pull his ears over his head and “hide” behind them thinking that he will absorb into whatever setting he is in and become “invisible” to any passersby.
His innocent personality lends others to perceive him as goofy and a bit naïve but in actuality, he just loves life.
2. He gets along with almost anyone and even tries to bring out the best of unsavory type of people.
3. He’s so fearless that he tends to not notice he’s in danger until he’s hip deep and can’t find a way out.


Kale’s dreams vary on what his subconscious is thinking. Most of the time they involve his adventures with his friends. Other times, he dreams about soaring over the valley and mountains, finding new adventures as an older, more confident dragon.
Homeworld: He lives on Earth but not a typical Earth. He lives in a valley in what appears to be Ireland before humans dominated. While there are human villages, both dragon and human share a treaty of peace to keep from each race destroy each other and the world they live in. In the valley itself, there is a community of dragons, mostly the Western in breed, and is surrounded by sheer cliffs that boasts varying sizes of caverns for the dragons. Wealth is determined by how grand a dragon’s cavern is and how much hoard they can amass. Though hoarding isn’t done much by the time Kale is born. Kale’s family lives in a solitary cave on the top of the valley’s northern hill which hosts a well of caverns both underground and above ground built carefully by his father when his mate’s belly was heavy with their first clutch. At the bottom of the cave is a massive hoard that expands the entire expanse of the hill’s base underground.
Adult dragons know how to speak Draconic, Common (human language) and a telepathic language among themselves. With each different breed of dragon, a new language between that breed comes up so telepathy is the easiest way of communication unless they use Draconic.
There is a hierarchy among dragons. For instance, Kale’s mother is actually a princess among her own Western Dragon culture. However, Kale’s father is a Celtic Wyrm which is a subspecies of dragon and their mating was severely frowned upon. Kale is the first dragon to be a hybrid between the two races and is greeted with mixture of disdain and curiosity. It actually took his parents 100 years to have a successful clutch, which Kale is the only product of it. As such they tend to be very protective over him.
On last point of note is that once a dragon reaches that of a yearling (1st year alive) they are tested to see if they are strong enough to attend the Academy (a school for dragons to become Dragon Riders and join the humans to protect their world from any enemy forces). While in the Academy, dragons are taught how to fight, fly with a human and even the history of all dragons and their subspecies.
Family/Friends: His mother, Elanore, is a Western Dragon whose family ranks very high into dragon royalty. His father, Crum Crueg is a Celtic Wyrm who is a terror along the Ireland Isle for being both a “monster” eating villages as well as a Wyrm who has lived well into the rarity of adulthood. He has a hatchlings around his aget that he is fast friends with; Kaiser, Necolo and Ivy. Together they get into a heaping amount of trouble.
History: At 2 months Kale entered the Nursey where he met his three friends (they were the only ones there for the most part). One day, Necolo brought them to one of his neighbors’ sons who was to become part of the Academy that year. Intrigued by this prestigious school, the hatchlings ask how the dragon gained admission to which the yearling replied that he – as well as ANYONE who wants to become part of the Academy – had to acquire a scale from the lich dragon who lived in the thick of the forest.
Curiosity won out and the hatchlings decided to venture forth into the forest in search for this lich dragon. Through many perils – including Kale almost becoming an owl’s lunch – the hatchlings managed to make it to a lone cavern set in the deepest part of the forest. Once inside, they encounter the lich dragon and proceed to get a scale from it. Much to their chagrin, the dragon is not easily bested and almost devours the hatchlings. Until Kale’s father, Crum, comes to their rescue, fighting the lich dragon off. Once outside the cave, they are met with very stern mothers and punished for their rather stupid adventure.
Sleeping: He is sleeping in the cave curled up safely along his dad’s scales.


Primary Skills:
His exuberance and cheerful demeanor and his unshakeable trust that everything will turn out right in the end.
Combat: Push comes to shove, Kale is known to bite and claw at any threat he comes up against. Most of the time, however, if the going gets tough, he finds a place to hide. Bunching up into the crevice of a canyon if he can. But he only hides when there is absolutely no way out. Including trying to talk his way out of a bad situation. Kale has a tendency to question his enemy to boredom or even try to bring about variable reasons why killing him wouldn’t be the best idea.
Weapons/Gear: Kale just has himself, no weapons and no gear. (Unless you count his claws, teeth and mouth)
Unusual Abilities: Despite wanting to appear more dragon-like, Kale does have 8 eyes which, when scared, he has a tendency to use. While using them he has a clear 360 degree view of his surroundings. Other than that, he acts as any dragon would.

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